Frequently asked questions

Is the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment safe to do on my hair/hair type?

Yes, it is safe for all hair types. Curly, wavy, straight, chemically treated or virgin hair. There is one precaution, if your hair is too fragile or damaged to flat iron it before a treatment, then you are not a candidate. Your hair must be able to withstand flat ironing at the recommended temperature and recommended number of passes on the hair.

How long will the treatment take to do myself?

Depending on how long, wavy, or thick your hair is, it may take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. You don’t want to rush or skip any step.  The most difficult part is blow drying your hair from wet to dry with the product in your hair all in ONE sitting. Don’t take breaks until all your hair is dry. You can take your time flat ironing your hair. I know your arms will get tired and its ok to take a short 5 minute break when flat ironing but, you must finish the treatment all in the same sitting. You cannot do part of the treatment and take a couple hour break and finish up later. You cannot take a 30 minute break and go eat. It MUST ALL BE DRIED AND FLAT IRONED from start to finish just like the pros do it for the best results.

Will the Brazil yourself keratin treatment straighten my hair?

No, this is a smoothing treatment that is customizable to each person’s desired end result. Depending on how coarse or fine your hair is, that will determine the heat of the flat iron and number of passes you do on each section. Even the lightest treatment will give an instantly smoother, frizz free result.

How often can I do the Brazil yourself treatment for my hair?

As often as you would like.  We have customers that do not like the product to wear out of their hair.  Some customers order the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment every 6 weeks just to keep it as fresh as possible making their getting ready of a morning very easy.  Keep in mind, your hair MUST be able to withstand a flatiron at the recommended temperature for your treatment.  If you feel like the treatment does not last in your hair, then I can say with confidence that you need to follow the steps closely for better results AND/OR your aftercare shampoo is stripping your treatment off of your hair.  Remember, just because your products say “sulfate-free” does NOT mean it is compatible.

Can I color my hair?

Yes, you can color anytime BEFORE the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment. It is recommended to wait 2 weeks AFTER the Brazil Yourself treatment to do any type of chemical service to your hair. When you color your hair just before the Brazil Yourself treatment, your scalp may be sensitive from the chemicals you previously used. Remember, the Brazil Yourself Step 2 keratin solution is NEVER to be applied on the scalp.

What will the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment do to my hair? What is the benefit? What can I expect?

The Brazil Yourself Keratin treatment will eliminate 100% of the frizz and 25% – 75% of the wave/curl from your hair up to 12 weeks. The Brazil Yourself treatment creates a coating on each hair strand with the very ingredients your hair is made of causing it to be smooth, shiny, easy to manage and frizz free.  This coating prevents water from being absorbed into the hair preventing it from becoming frizzy in humid weather. You will notice your hair style will last longer. This coating from the Brazil Yourself treatment slowly wears off your hair not leaving behind a line of demarcation.

Can I do a Relaxer or Japanese Straightening on my hair with the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment?

Yes. It is recommended to do a chemical straightening treatment FIRST, (relaxer or Japanese Straightening) ONE WEEK BEFORE this Brazil Yourself treatment. Even if it is only a small root touch-up or a full head application, it is recommended to do the permanent straightening chemical FIRST then wait ONE WEEK MINIMUM to do a Brazil Yourself keratin treatment.  Brazil Yourself treatment DOES NOT CONTAIN any chemical relaxer ingredients such as thioglycolate, sodium or calcium hydroxide.  Please keep in mind these permanent chemical straighteners are very strong and considered  to be a professional service.  After a chemical straightener, your hair must be able to withstand blow drying and the flatiron to perform a Brazil Yourself keratin treatment.  They can be performed in conjunction with each other but all manufacturers guidelines must be followed.  If you are unsure about doing the Brazil Yourself treatment after chemically straightening your hair, ALWAYS do a test section of all 3 steps before doing the full service.

Do I need to wait 3 days after the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment before I can wash my hair?

NO, once the Brazil Yourself treatment steps are completed, you are DONE. You may pull it back in a pony tail, bun or clips. You can tuck it behind your ear. There are no limits AFTER the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment. You may wash your hair as soon as you desire BUT, you MUST use compatible shampoo/conditioner that will preserve the treatment.

Will the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment damage my hair?

No, The Brazil Yourself keratin treatment will improve the health and strength of your hair. It will instantly increase the volume and mass of each hair strand. Your hair MUST be healthy and strong enough to withstand a flatiron to be used on it. If you have over processed hair and you are not sure if it is safe, it is recommend to see a professional hair styling specialist BEFORE doing a treatment for proper personal advice.

Will Brazil Yourself keratin treatment lighten or remove the hair color from my hair?

No. Many popular brands on the market are loaded with formaldehyde and will cause your hair color to lighten during the treatment right before your eyes.  The Brazil Yourself keratin treatment will NOT cause your hair color to lighten or remove permanent color from your hair.

Is it OK to swim after the Brazil Yourself keratin treatment?

Research shows that chlorine and salt water WILL remove the Brazil Yourself keratin coating on your hair. If you are going to swim, it is recommended to wet your hair with fresh water and apply a generous amount of Brazil Yourself deep conditioning mask in your hair and wrap it up in a tight bun and put a swim cap over your hair. Immediately after you are done swimming, rinse your hair out with fresh water for 5 minutes.  Reapply the Brazil Yourself deep conditioning mask and leave it in at least 5 minutes to freshen up the keratin coating you may have lost while swimming.   You will loose some of the keratin coating on your hair but not as much as if you didn’t take any precautions.