Heat Resistant Carbon Comb


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A heat resistant carbon comb is necessary to perform the Brazil Yourself Keratin treatment on any hair.  This is a special comb that WILL NOT MELT or become soft from the high heat of a flat iron.  A must have hair tool for professionals to perform any type of keratin treatment on the hair.  It is a quality product that will last and not become deformed from any heat.  A regular hard rubber comb will not endure the heat from a hot iron and will become soft or melt.  You will risk burning your hair or worse, yourself.  A compatible, heat resistant carbon comb is recommended and necessary to help get the best results possible from your treatment.

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MUST use a recommended shampoo/conditioner that will not wash your treatment out of your hair. We offer compatible after care products at affordable prices. Even the best professional stylist can give you a great brazilian blowout treatment but, if you use the wrong products, you will loose it with a few washes.